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Terrible App! Hasn't been right ever since I downloaded it. Right now I'm in the middle of a thunderstorm and the app is telling me there is a 10% chance of rain!! Yesterday it was supposed to rain all day - not a drop! Time to delete this junk!

Was a 5

I'll change this to a 5 star when they stop sending out winter weather alerts at 3 am! If a tornado was coming then a 3 am warning is fine... but stop waking me up at 3 am for a winter weather advisory two days ahead of the bad weather. It can't wait a few hours???

Superb app

KSTP Weather in my mind is the best app out there for getting the weather. I e tried many other apps including The Weather Channel, Accuweather, and others. But KSTP Weather beats them all in my mind.

$5.00 to add locations??

Disappointed that the app will accept only one location. The expensive in-app purchase should be unnecessary! Not worth the memory that app requires.


No active alerts? We are in a tornado warning! Must need an update.

A good app but...

In app purchases just to get support for multiple locations? Really? If you have to have in app purchases at least give us the option to remove the add at the bottom of the app.

Terrible screen layout

I accidentally touched the ad across the bottom of the screen, and now Adams Pest Control has FOREVER replaced the weather. There is no visible way to go back.

This app is awesome!!!

It shows everything I need to see

Not bad, but in app purchases ? Really?

App word fine but it's branded with a local news station, and they have the nerve to try to charge me to track more then one location, if I'm going to pay why wouldn't I get a better app that doesn't just use a singles source ( their station) for information. Once again not a bad app, but I'm not impressed.

Love It :)

This is the Best weather app


The app is fantastic....gives you a severe weather radio on your phone. Love it!

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